Why Rest is So Important

When you are tired, physically and or emotionally, the best thing you can do for yourself is to just be. Be tired! Let your bones feel the weight you carry mentally all day long.

Often times when we are tired we brush it off as weakness. Some of the chatter that may be going on in our heads is, “Ugh, I didn’t even do that much but I am so tired! What did I eat that is making me feel as if I have no energy? Am I feeling tired because I didn’t work out enough this last week? Why isn’t my body keeping up? Is something wrong with me?!”

Whew, I feel like I had a flashback moment. To be honest this is a lot of the type of analysis I would have done in the past, and admittedly sometimes creeps in insidiously from time to time, which is why meditation can be helpful for combating old habits.

Why is it that we automatically assume we didn’t do enough or that there must be something wrong with ourselves that we feel so tired? Where does true and actual rest come into play?

Instead of bombarding yourself with analysis or deep questioning, practice metta. Practice the art of true rest. Practice what it is like to put yourself at such high regard that rest is nothing but a natural afterthought the way brewing coffee is on a cold, wet afternoon.

If rest is something you haven’t done in a while and you need a couple of ideas, try any or all of these beauties:

  • Warm up your favorite beverage (i.e., chai, tea, coffee, matcha, etc.) and cuddle up with a book you’ve been meaning to read for weeks
  • Take a long hot shower or bath with some Epsom salts
  • Go for a long walk in nature and commune with mother earth
  • Take it a step further and put your bare feet into the ground – be it sand, water or grass
  • Try cooking or baking something new! Oftentimes cooking/baking can put you into a meditative state as you put all your focus into following a recipe  🙂
  • Journal. Try journaling either your gratitudes or stream of consciousness journaling
  • Sleep! Get those long lost zzz’s back or indulge yourself in a nap
  • Embrace someone – It could be yourself, your pet, family member or friend

These are a few ideas to get started, and I hope it sparks inspiration for other ideas that may help to create more space for rest when needed.

Curious, was there ever a time when you truly needed rest and ignored the call? How do you find true rest in your life?

Ultimately what’s most important is to recognize when true rest is needed and to treat yourself with more love than ever during these times of need.


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