Work With Me


Consultant, Coach, and Creative 

I am a firm believer of doing what fills your cup. When you do this there’s no way you can’t be good at what you do.

For years I have connected to my own heart over and over again, and in 2016 I decided I needed to share this work. It filled my cup and left it brimming. I needed to be, what I call, a Soul Connector.

What is a Soul Connector? Someone who can listen to the subtleties of what your soul is saying. Someone who can connect to your heart and receive you with a gentle, wide open space.

“I specialize in helping people connect to their own source, power, and truth.”

Whether it’s through a 1:1 soul session, tarot, life coaching, or photography, I do all things with heart and soul and I can’t wait to meet you.